Marvin and Dana Kropf

The Stewart Family has deep roots here on the Farm, owned first by my great-grandparents, then by my grandparents, Oscar and Viola (Hostetler) Stewart. My parents, Herman and Mildred (Stewart) Kropf were married and made their home in the house built by Oscar. My wife Dana and I have lived on the Farm for over thirty years; our children are the fifth generation raised here.

Oscar and Viola were both Deaf. Viola was from a Deaf family; Oscar lost his hearing due to a childhood illness. Two grandchildren and one great-grandchild are Deaf. This history has spurred our family's interest in the Deaf community.

While in Liberia, W. Africa in 1996, we visited the African Christians Fellowship, Int'l (ACFI) School for the Deaf. This school is unique in its commitment to care for "throw-away" Deaf children. We dreamed of one day playing a role in its extraordinary vision of creating a trade school for these kids.

Eventually, letters were sent to relatives and friends about the trade school; the response was tremendous and construction began. In February, 2013, Dana and our daughter Deb (a certified ASL interpreter) were privileged to travel to Liberia to be part of the dedication ceremony.

In honor of the Stewart legacy, Reverend Kofi of ACFI proposed “The Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf” as the official name. Similarly, we chose to include "Stewart" when naming our venue, inspired by the hospitality of Oscar and Viola, and Herman and Mildred.

The Stewart Family Farm sends a portion of its profits to support The Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf in Liberia. Thank you for being a partner in this dream!

Marvin Kropf,

Son of Herman and Mildred (Stewart) Kropf
Grandson of Oscar and Viola Stewart

Stewart Family Farm is more than just a beautiful venue. It is home.

Our story... and our mission.

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Oscar and Viola

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