Cheese Sommelier Megan Berry creates cheese boards that can be done with simple classic elegance or over the top decadence. If you choose a cheese board, we will incorporate your appetizers into beautiful arrangements along with an assortment of cheeses, roasted nuts, fruits, veggies, crackers, and spreads.

We even coordinate it to the general style of your wedding and color scheme.

Our favorites have included a mixture of soft cheese spreads and hard cheeses, along with some of our best sides such as stuffed mushrooms, smoked salmon dip, herbed goat cheese dip, mascarpone with honey and caprese salad.

Fabulous Cheese boards

Our Specialty

Jeremy Kropf is the head chef and lead caterer for Stewart Family Farm. He learned to cook and bake at a young age, and began working in restaurants during summers in college. Along the way he picked up a bevy of skills and connections in the food industry that allow him to consult with excellent suppliers as well as other master chefs.

Recently Jeremy has embraced the title of chef and distinguishes himself from being simply a cook. “Cooks follow a recipe, chefs follow a deeper understanding of the ingredients, flavors, and also their own palate and preferences to make recipes their own, or create completely from scratch.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” says Jeremy. “If I don’t know how to make something, I’m perfectly good with looking up a recipe on the internet. I truly believe my greatest strength at this point is not only an ability to pick a good recipe, but to also make it my own.” Part of that is clearly a solid understanding of the base ingredients and key components of cooking.

“I have an incredibly strong track record when it comes to pulling off untested recipes the first time, its almost like the challenge gets me excited. It doesn’t even feel like work because I’m so into making it perfect and not missing any tiny detail.”

Jeremy considers one of his strengths in the kitchen to be in developing his own flavor profiles while maintaining his basic principle of cooking which is “keep it simple and let the natural flavors come through.”

Chef Jeremy Kropf

Our team

Liz Kropf - Catering Coordinator 

Liz Kropf comes from a slightly different background. Liz literally grew up in the catering industry as a teenager in Texas. She helped put on tea parties and catering events from a young age with her mother and a family friend. While she enjoys food preparation, her passions lie in the presentation and coordination aspects of catering. With a background in food prep chemistry and an interior design degree, Liz is the perfect person to present the food, work with wedding coordinators and florists, and really make the catering table a beautiful presentation.

“Catering is more than just delicious food” says Liz. “Catering means putting it all together in coordination with the larger event, making the food presentation match the general theme and decor that clients are going for, especially when its a bride and groom. We only get one chance to get it right.”

“I love working with brides, coordinators, and florists to make sure that all the little details come together around the meal.”

CONTACT Jeremy and Liz:

503-915-2765 or 503-858-7374

Tours by appointment only.
23095 Powerline Road
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